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Q: What is the Spirit of Sunnyvale?
A: The Spirit of Sunnyvale is an independent, all-age marching band, locally-based in Sunnyvale, California. We are a member of Drum Corps International's SoundSport division. We live by the following principles:

  1. Any instrument! You play a standard band instrument? Great, you're in! You play a G bugle? Great, you're in too!
  2. Any age! We accept any age, from 12 and up.
  3. Low cost! We keep membership costs low for all to participate! Our 2022 season membership fee is only $200.
  4. Local! We participate in local DCI shows, parades, concerts, etc.

Spirit is also a 40+ year old organization. The original Spirit of Sunnyvale Marching Youth Band existed 1980-1997, were national and international youth band champions 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, 1996, and 1997, and toured with drum corps and youth bands along the West Coast. The current Spirit of Sunnyvale started in 2010 and is currently in its 12th season.

Q: What is SoundSport?
A: SoundSport is a division of Drum Corps International. SoundSport teams are smaller than the typical World or Open Class drum corps, typically between 10-40 members. There are no age and instrument restrictions. Instead of using the entire football field, the SoundSport stage is 20 yards deep and 30 yards wide. SoundSport shows are 5-7 minutes in length with a focus on music. Most importanly, SoundSport is about entertainment and entertaining the audience! For more information, please visit and


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