About the Spirit of Sunnyvale Marching Band

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About the Band

The Spirit of Sunnyvale Marching Band is an independent, all-age marching band, locally-based in Sunnyvale, California.

"Spirit", formed in 2010, was created as an outlet for the Spirit of Sunnyvale Marching Youth Band alumni, family, friends and anyone else interested, to march and perform in a casual yet professional atmosphere.

The marching band primarily participates in parades with the occasional standstill performance. The schedule is kept light to not interfere with other committments. Spirit generally has one performance every few months, with a few Saturday rehearsals leading up to the parade or standstill performance.

Mission Statement

To entertain audiences with fan-friendly classic drum corps and marching band music.

Health and Safety

The Spirit of Sunnyvale is governed by a strict code of conduct for all participants, staff, and volunteers. We take any allegation regarding improper behavior of any kind seriously. Spirit also has policies and procedures in place governing the proper reporting and investigation of any such allegations. We are dedicated to maintaining a supportive, safe, and healthy environment for all members, staff, and volunteers.

Those interested in reading these policies may find them below:

Judged Performances

Here are Spirit's current judged parade placement records:

Fremont Fourth of July parade

About the Staff

Current Staff Members

(L-R) Stuart Miyasato, Darnell Johnson, Mickey Helms, Jason Asuncion

Drumline Tech - Stuart Miyasato
Hornline Tech - Darnell Johnson
Director - Mickey Helms
Assistant Director - Jason Asuncion

Founding Advisory Board

Below is the list of founding advisory board members: